Highway Mapping

Detailed maps provide a great starting point for your design & monitoring projects.

highway & tunnelHighway Mapping

AXIS map data helps you to:

  • Collect ground features such as curbs, power lines, bridges, tunnels, drainage structures & more
  • Capture small drainage features, such as ditches and areas where ponding of water may occur
  • Quickly extract terrain elevations
  • Obtain accurate elevation data in vegetated areas
  • Manage vegetation to ensure the safety & reliability of your highways & roads
  • Quickly & easily locate asset inventories – bridges, overpasses, culverts, lighting, building structures and more
  • Determine land suitability, including resources and proximity to buildings
  • Differentiate subtle changes in slope/grade on roadways and railways
  • Avoid interrupting roadways/railways services with Airborne LiDAR
  • Determine best way to serve existing & future travel demands
  • Enhance efficiency, speed & reliability
  • Evaluate alternative routes
  • Plan and design new transportation corridors
  • Easily make decisions with detailed accurate geospatial map data
  • Obtain Right–of–way visualization at your fingertips

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