Leadership – Dave Rorrer

As a Certified Photogrammetrist and Partner, Mr. Rorrer brings 30 years experience in all phases of aerial mapping & surveying. From capturing aerial film to managing a QA/QC department for a multi-location Photogrammetric Company, Mr. Rorrer’s skills and experience have been relied upon for many small and large projects. Functioning as Chief Technical Officer for AXIS GeoSpatial, his core responsibilities are Production and QA/QC procedures, processes and systems.

This experience includes geo-spatial data collection through analog and analytical methods; GIS/LIS land base data collection; structuring and attribution; terrain modeling and surfacing; digital terrain data (DTM) collection and digital elevation model (DEM) collection; as-built planimetric collection; specialized feature extraction; TIN generation and manipulation to perform image rectification; 3D renderings; volumetric calculations; cut and fill analysis; photo interpretation from B&W, Color and near Infrared; visual land-use classification from aerial photography; and topographic analysis and interpretation. He is trained in Fully Analytical Aerotriangulation and Softcopy Aerotriangulation including ground control placement, measurement and analysis of strip, tiepoint and final block adjustments. Mr. Rorrer has experience in database development, spatial data attribution and application programming, topology creation, data clean and data build requirements and thematic map presentation.

In 1997, Mr. Rorrer became a Certified Photogrammetrist by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in recognition of his professional and technical ability. In November of 2001, Mr. Rorrer and his long time business partner, Justin Lahman, started Axis GeoSpatial LLC.  Mr. Rorrer continues to expand his knowledge of the geospatial disciplines. He has technical expertise in areas of automated mapping, image processing, computer aided drafting and design, geographical information systems, database management, applications programming and computer network design and administration.

Rorrer is a member of ASPRS, MAPPS and MD, DE, NY and NJ Society of Surveyors Associations.