Rail Mapping

Detailed maps provide a great starting point for your design & monitoring projects.

Train Rail Line Mapping

Providing you with top of rail elevations, all catenary information and other transportation features for your rail design and planning projects.

Axis Geospatial helps you to:

    • Quickly & easily locate infrastructure assets – bridges, culverts, overpasses & more
    • Easily obtain top of rail elevations for engineering/design studies
    • Determine suitability of surface material for support of additional tracks
    • Obtain timely information on building proximity for rail corridor design
    • Monitor existing drainage pattern along the track bed
    • Monitor vegetation surrounding rail right of way – prevent fire hazards and allow for clear visibility
    • Easily make decisions with detailed accurate geospatial map data


Watch this video to see how HD-LiDAR can assist you with your next rail survey project!