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Geospatial Solutions

From acquiring aerial imagery and processing data, AXIS GeoSpatial is your geospatial solutions provider. Regardless of your industry, from transportation and forestry to environmental and local government, you rely on detailed accurate geospatial map data to make decisions.

AXIS GeoSpatial LLC is a full service mapping firm employing innovative remote-sensing and measurement technologies to capture geospatial data for integration into civil engineering, land surveying and GIS applications.

3D Point-Cloud Mapping Data

3D Point-Cloud Mapping Data developed from HD-LiDAR (High-Definition LiDAR sensors) via the combination of fixed ground-based, mobile ground-based (vehicular) and airborne platforms will replace the vector-format mapping data currently in use in GIS, CADD and other mapping applications demanding high resolution, high accuracy and detail. Click on the image to view various 3D point cloud examples.