About Us

A cloud to ground geocapture company, AXIS GeoSpatial is your geospatial solutions provider.

From acquiring aerial imagery and processing data, enjoy accurate digital map data from AXIS GeoSpatial. Relax working with professionals who have over 30 years of experience in the geospatial industry.

Regardless of your industry, from transportation and forestry to environmental and coastal, you rely on detailed accurate geospatial map data to make decisions.

Founded in 2001, AXIS GeoSpatial LLC, a national geocapture firm, employs innovative remote-sensing and measurement technologies to capture geospatial data for integration into civil engineering, land surveying and GIS applications. AXIS is headquartered in Easton, Maryland with additional locations in Colorado, Delaware, Florida & Virginia. During the past 17 years, AXIS has applied extensive, proven experience in producing high quality aerial imagery, LiDAR, CADD, GIS and other related geospatial datasets for civil engineering and government clients throughout the US and abroad. Highly trained and experienced Project Managers, Certified Photogrammetrists, CADD personnel, GIS analysts and QA Technicians will ensure project scope and schedule adherence.  Contact us today to discuss your next project requiring surveying or mapping services.


Justin Lahman, President & CEO

Dave Rorrer, Vice President & CTO

John Lesko, Vice President – South East Operations

Sarah Jones, Controller

Allan Blades, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Barry A. Gleissner, Director of Surveys

Brian Tolley, Project Manager