Address Point & Road Centerline Mapping

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP’s) using AXIS mapping can see impediments to the scene….see hidden access to the scene….see reporting districts responsible for the scene….Can You?

AXIS provides detailed, accurate map data containing physical addresses linked to ANI/ALI (Automatic Number Identification/Automated Location Identification) data and MSAG (Master Street Address Guide) for automated caller location at a 99% confidence level …simultaneous with the 911 call.

Emergency Management

  • Save time and money in locating and responding to emergencies
  • Get to the incident more quickly
  • Have a better understanding of what will be required when they arrive
  • Be better prepared if assistance is needed outside of your region
  • If your application is Phase II compliance, we will collect all transportation, addressable structures and water features, delivered in conjunction with a final database linking all addresses, phone numbers and road names to the map data

With AXIS Mapping you get…..

  • Accurate Caller Location and Rapid Response through Digital Technology
  • Locate a 911 Caller within 3 feet – Anywhere
  • Understand Their Environment Immediately
  • Understand Impediments to Response
  • Know Scene Conditions Immediately
  • Know ESN, Fire and Beat Location
  • Dispatch Appropriate Response
  • Route Response Quickly & Correctly
  • Knowledge Saves Time – Time Saves Lives

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What Clients Are Saying

“We thank your team for all the great work that has been completed over the years from the initial Field Verified Address project to this project. I can truly state that if it wasn’t for AXIS we would not be where we are today as it relates to not only good location information for E911, but our ability to identify and clean-up enterprise data; assist the Election Office; State Highways reporting and street signage; program applications to use validated addresses for input; as well as many other uses that are too numerous to list. All of our departments use this data daily. We will continue to update the data using the models we have built that are based on the lessons learned from Axis as well as our county agencies.”

-Caroline G., GIS Manager

911 Address Points