Design Scale Mapping

Assisting firms on many 20, 30 & 50-scale mapping projects with contour intervals of 6”, 1 and 2-feet, AXIS delivers data primarily in AutoCAD, MicroStation and TerraModel. Projects range from 10-acre ALTA surveys to 500-acre land development surveys to 2000-acre municipal sewer design projects to several square miles of watershed studies.

Many industries use GIS regularly, city planners, developers, engineers and utility companies each have their own required data layers to assist them in their day to day operations.

With map data from AXIS GeoSpatial, each of these departments can decide which data and layers would be best to represent the information they require on their maps.

  • As a developer you can easily see the orientation of land, buildings, transportation and other features
  • Utility Companies can quickly see where the power poles are located and vegetation encroachment so you can forecast safety concerns & capacity problems before an issue or crisis
  • Transportation engineers can determine land suitability, including resources and proximity to buildings


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