Dover Air Force Base

As a subcontractor, AXIS provided LiDAR and Orthoimagery services for the Dover Air Force Base which is located approximately 2 miles southeast of the city of Dover, Delaware.

Services Included:

  • Dover AFBDMC Imagery flown for 5″ raw pixel; All Bands; AGPS & IMU
  • LiDAR Acquisition using a dual-pulse Leica ALS 50-II sensor flown at an altitude to achieve a minimum of one return per square meter
  • 1″=100′ mapping
  • 2 foot contours
  • color orthos at half foot pixel resolution in RGB and CIR.
  • processing classified LAS files of First, Last and intermediate returns;
  • processing Bare-Earth DEMS with 2 Meter post spacing;
  • processing 2′ contours from the post-processed LiDAR supported TIN
  • Digital Ortho Processing for True Color and CIR Digital OrthoImage Tiles with a pixel resolution of .6′ in GeoTIFF Format w/ associated Tags & Keys
  • 100′ Planimetric Data, Supplemental Breaklines to Bare-Earth LiDAR to produce DTM’s and NMAS 2′ Contours