Parcel Mapping

Economically build your property tax parcels to your GIS standards. With parcel mapping from Axis Geospatial you can:

  • Easily identify where a specific property is locatedParcel Mapping
  • Easily maintain & update records with digitized maps and data
  • Economically build your property tax parcels to your GIS standards
  • Tax parcel datasets can be provided in Geodatabse and ArcGIS shapefiles
  • Link parcel data to other data sets and obtain precise information for search and analysis

Axis has completed digital conversion and/or re-mapping of tax parcels for several Maryland Counties, totaling more than 110,000 parcels.

More than 40,000 of these parcels were mapped by COGO from plats.  The remaining parcels were compiled to an orthophototo/planimetric base as “Best Fit” using Maryland Property View (MDPV) maps.  Rights of ways were developed from combinations of plat information, MD SHA right-of-way plans, local town maps, county road registries and MDPV mapping.

All of the projects involved delivery of parcel datasets within an ArcGIS Geodatabase format.  Axis has also performed on-going parcel, address point and road centerline database maintenance services for various Counties.

Rest easy, as our team of geospatial professionals have extensive experience in providing COGO-Level Countywide Parcel Data, Nautical Navigation, 100% field-verified structure address points.

AXIS tax parcel datasets are available in Geodatabase and ArcGIS Shapefiles.

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