Pheasant Run LiDAR

AXIS was contracted to provide airborne acquisition data of lidar and imagery for this stream restoration design project. Hi-definition lidar was collected for the 2 mile corridor, covering approximately 60 acres.Stream Restoration LiDAR


  • Airborne acquisition of lidar and imagery
  • Digital aerotriangulation
  • LiDAR processing for AGPS processing, calibration of independent LiDAR strips and final datum adjustment
  • LiDAR processing for classification and finalization of LAS Tiles. Classifications to include Bare Earth, Hydro, Bridges and Other
  • 1″ = 50′ Planimetrics and breaklines to support 1′ contours.
  • Planimetrics included roadway & parking markings
  • Processing for RGB, 8-bit per channel, digital orthoimage tiles in GeoTIFF format with a pixel resolution of 0.25′ GSD


  • 1″ = 50′ Planimetrics, DTM & 1′ Contours for AutoCAD format adhering to Axis CAD Standards


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