Gunpowder Falls LiDAR

AXIS was contracted to provide topographic data for this stream restoration project.  Aerial hi-definition lidar was acquired for this 234 acre site and used for stream restoration planning, design and construction. LiDAR classifications included Bare Earth, Hydro, Bridges and other. Client wanted to use process-based restoration to return a degraded stream to a natural, depositional valley system.


  • Airborne hi-definition LiDAR and imagery acquisition
  • Land surveying services for required aerial, pre-targeted control points
  • Digital aerotriangulation of imagery for georeferencing
  • LiDAR processing for AGPS processing, calibration of independent LiDAR strips and final datum adjustment
  • LiDAR processing for classification and finalization of LAS Tiles
  • 1” = 30’ planimetrics, DTM & 1’ contours including flow centerline through thalweg, where visible in-stream features, tree diameter, surface utilities, roadway and parking markings


  • 1” = 30’ planimetrics, DTM & 1’ contours delivered in AutoCAD format

Stream Restoration Lidar