What Clients Are Saying

“We needed a topographic survey for a stream restoration project. We needed survey quickly to meet our deadlines and Axis Geospatial was able to get us the data we needed quickly despite the tree canopy in the middle of summer. They worked with our needs, around our schedule, and provided a high quality and accuracy of data.”

-Colin M., Restoration Designer

“I needed an aerial topographic survey and AXIS provided it quickly, despite the tree canopy at this time of year. We received the product I desired for this project involving verifying the top of the watershed, surface cover, and topography for a portion of the stormwater system.”

 -Robert P., Senior Engineer

“AXIS provided location and elevation data post stakeout for a HDD bore entry point project. They met our Timeliness, Safety and Professionalism expectations and we look forward to working with them again.”

-Ed P., Geologist

“Imagery is a key part of our wildlife habitat work.  AXIS provided good imagery in a timely fashion and met our team’s expectations”

-Jim F., Professor

“AXIS has been a reliable and consistent partner in our projects. The AXIS team’s responsiveness fits with our core values.  We needed a timely delivery but required a limited window for flight and AXIS made it happen. The timely delivery by AXIS has helped us meet our project deadline and reduced the stress on my group.”

-Michael B. PLS, Senior Principal

 “We thank your team for all the great work that has been completed over the years from the initial Field Verified Address project to this project. I can truly state that if it wasn’t for AXIS we would not be where we are today as it relates to not only good location information for E911, but our ability to identify and clean-up enterprise data; assist the Election Office; State Highways reporting and street signage; program applications to use validated addresses for input; as well as many other uses that are too numerous to list. All of our departments use this data daily. We will continue to update the data using the models we have built that are based on the lessons learned from AXIS as well as our county agencies.”

-Caroline G., GIS Manager

“Since we could not access the private property we were trying to acquire, AXIS HD-LiDAR service was the best alternative to a conventional survey.  I perceive AXIS as good listeners, responsive and willing to go the extra mile.  AXIS provides unbeatable survey quality, a deliverable product that not only meets my needs but exceeds my expectations.

I have used AXIS imagery and mapping products before my current project.  In my previous interactions, AXIS was an outstanding example of what a vendor/customer relationship could and should be.  I have come to count on that when evaluating my current and future mapping and imagery needs”

-Justin W. Project Manager

“We received exactly what we expected from our project with AXIS. I am completely impressed on how quickly you responded and finished the project. With AXIS’ services, we were able to access this project area which could not have been surveyed any other way.”

-Adam G. Assistant Manager Systems Planning & Design

“I contacted AXIS Geospatial for an aerial project which needed a quick turnaround time due to spring foliage. Our client was happy with the quick flight turnaround time to receive their map data delivery”

-Richard M. Vice President, Survey Division Manager

“By working with you throughout the years we have developed a great relationship and we always know we will receive an excellent product. You folks always provide excellent service and an excellent product at an excellent price”

-Doug W. Project Manager

“AXIS has never failed to meet or exceed my expectations.  We continue to receive fast, friendly service, very accurate mapping at a very reasonable price.”

 -Richard B. PLS, Director of Surveys