Topographic Mapping

Topographic mapping shows relief using contour lines and is produced from aerial photography, LiDAR and other remote sensing techniques.

Consider your application …Topo Shaded Relief

•           ¼-foot contours for highway reconstruction

•           1-foot contours for sewer expansion

•           Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for watershed analysis

Whatever your objective, AXIS can apply the appropriate technology to provide you with the most accurate elevation data.

Contour data is collected through 3D breakline and masspoint data in our softcopy stereo workstations which accurately portray the terrain. Once the DTM has been collected, contours are generated at the required interval to provide you the detail crucial for your application.

For certain applications covering larger project areas, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) are best produced and post processed through the use of HD-LiDAR technology. Various processes can be performed on raw LiDAR data in a stereo environment, such as vegetation and structure removal or breakline supplement. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, AXIS can assist you in determining the technology that best suits your requirements.

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