AXIS CEO, Justin Lahman, to Present at SurvCon 2018

Justin Lahman, President and CEO of AXIS GeoSpatial is scheduled to present at the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors 39th Annual “SurvCon2018” on Thursday, February 1 from 1-5 pm. Lahman’s session will cover today’s decision process of three automated surveying technologies when approaching a mapping project. The session will present considerations for using land surveying, aircraft, UAS and/or a combination of the three techniques for a particular mapping project. Scope, accuracy, precision, site location, site conditions, site access, FAA airspace limitations, deliverables, budget and schedule will govern which decision you must make in order to be competitive while operating within state and federal laws.

The New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors’ mission is to promote and enhance the profession of land surveying, assist surveying professionals through education and information, and to provide a unified voice for fellow surveyors in New Jersey. To learn more about NJSPLS and SurvCon 2018, click here.


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