AXIS GeoSpatial Celebrates Earth Day

EASTON, MD (4/19/2019) – Employees at AXIS GeoSpatial in Easton, MD, recently gathered in celebration of upcoming Earth Day to clean up the grounds around their office building. Teams were assigned to pick up litter, plant wildflower seeds and skim the nearby pond for garbage and grass clippings. After the grounds were cleaned, the team gathered for a BBQ cook-out to celebrate their hard work.

Meghan Lahman, HR Administrator for AXIS GeoSpatial shared, “We have a culture of giving back here at AXIS and so it only seemed natural for us to celebrate Earth Day in this way. We are thankful for the beautiful space we have here at the Talbot Business Park, and it feels really good to take care of the place where we come to work every day.”








Jeremy Sullivan and Shanna Bowser smile for a picture while picking up litter in the grassy area near AXIS’ parking lot.








AXIS Employees pause for a photo while cleaning up the grassy area along Mary’s Court.











Scott Allam fishes grass clippings and trash out of the pond behind AXIS’ office building.










Brian Tolley and Meghan Lahman pose for a photo in front of the pond behind AXIS’ office building.









(L-R) Dave Rorrer, Brian Tolley, Sarah Jones and Justin Lahman wait for the grill to heat up, for a post-clean up celebratory BBQ luncheon.


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